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GSL1000S vertical planetary mixer gearbox

Split concrete mixer reducer GSL series

    The vertical shaft split mixer reducer (patented product) adopts the design concept of German standard and international combination to realize single-split, double-split and three-split uniform mixing. It is the product of the continuous development of professional products in the construction machinery industry. The shape of GSL series reducer adopts streamline design, beautiful appearance and low resistance; the internal structure is single drive, which drives multi-split, realizes revolution and rotation and adopts involute open-end cylindrical gear, which can achieve stable rotation, low noise and large output torque. Multi-split transmission is realized by the internal tooth rotary shaft.

Advantages of GSLS/GSLK series split reducer:

Vertical shaft split-type transmission, high output torque, high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption. Under various working conditions, the power balance can be effectively distributed to each stirring device, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the mixer, achieving high stability and maintenance cost, and higher operational reliability.

The transmission gear adopts a self-developed heat treatment process, which reduces the deformation of the post-heat treatment and strengthens the internal structure of the workpiece. The tooth part is ground by the German NILES forming gear grinding machine, which realizes small clearance and high internal tooth precision, realizes high-precision operation of the slewing bearing and increases the bearing capacity.

The main shaft uses imported bearings and oil seals to ensure its service life and bearing capacity.

Compact and space-saving; easy to install and easy to maintain.

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